Your Story is Your Light

Client: AppZocial Timeframe: Summer 2017 Category: Brand story, responsive web design   Who is AppZocial? AppZocial is a Seattle-based startup that provides secure social networking applications for private communities, allowing their customers to fully control their digital platform. After receiving funding from some of Seattle’s most respected leaders, AppZocial was primed for expansion.   How…

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Purpose Starts with Who

  Simon Sinek’s video “Start with Why” is entertaining and does a great job of highlighting the importance of mission and a purpose-driven organization. In his example, he states that Apple’s “why” is to “challenge the status quo and to think differently” What if nobody cares?  There are a bunch of companies out there that…

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Leaders are the Founders of the Feast

Founder of the Feast

  While the Cratchit family feasted on Christmas dinner, a toast was given: “Mr. Scrooge!” said Bob; “I’ll give you Mr. Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast!” “The Founder of the Feast indeed!” cried Mrs. Cratchit, reddening. “I wish I had him here. I’d give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he’d…

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Decision Making:  Peter Drucker’s Framework

Decision Making Framework

Successful business owners and leaders make effective decisions.  We face decisions every day, some of them are routine, and some of them require strategy. I often see leaders or groups struggling with a decision because they don’t have a framework with which to operate. The 7 decision questions that I learned from Peter Drucker. If…

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Sales Managers need to do 3 Fundamental Things

Sales Managers need to do 3 things

Sales Managers have a critical role in creating results in a business.  They are the lever in the organization.  That is the goal, anyway.  Often, however, they have management meetings, or customer service issues, or maybe a sales quota themselves. When this happens, the urgent torpedoes their abilities.  In a previous blog, we discussed that…

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Small Business Needs 3 Things

3 things small business needs.

Small Business is hard work.  You don’t have the resources of the enterprise and you have the same needs.  I often have conversations with small business owners/CEOs and these conversations often go the same way.  That is, the owner is overworked and the team is working hard, but they aren’t as profitable as they should…

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Design and Story Improve your Brand

Deric Jones on Story and Design

Improve your Brand with Story and Design Deric Jones explains why visual expectations can shape our experience.  Story and Design can be powerful tools to build trust and set the right kind of expectations with your audience. He looks at restaurant menus and analyzes how the story affects the design and causing expectations to increase…

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Learn Management & Leadership Differently

Management and Leadership

    One of the great leadership lessons is found in the life of Cyrus. He was a brilliant military strategist, and was skilled in the art of relationships. What made him so unique is that once an enemy was conquered, he built relationships and alliances with them that created indebtedness to his leadership and…

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Results Only Happen Outside the Organization

Results only happen outside the organization

A friend’s company has opportunities for ridiculous growth. For years, she has been reorganizing, tinkering with technology, planning and strategizing, yet her company’s results are flat. She seems to always be on the verge of a breakthrough, “right after” she finishes or fixes the next thing.  She spends her time and resources on internal projects…

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Innovation Happens When You Think Like An Artist

Innovation as an Art

When a truly new innovation emerges, I find myself thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?” It seems so obvious, how did this innovation get overlooked until now? Someone could see an opportunity which hadn’t been seen before. Leonardo da Vinci thought sight was humankind’s most important sense and eyes the most important organ. He…

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