The Strategy of Creating Customers

Creating Customers

If the purpose of business is to create a customer, a really important question to ask is, “Who is the customer?”  It may seem obvious, but it may not be.   It’s complex because sometimes your primary customer doesn’t pay you anything and you must rely on them to help you create paying customers. Wells…

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A letter to Mark Zuckerburg

Facebook is a service

Dear Mark, With your market cap down about $100 Billion, I thought I’d give you some advice. When you were testifying on Capitol Hill, you made a comment that you might want to think about, “ultimately Facebook is a technology platform that allows people to share content…” You were a technology platform, that is what you…

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Case Study: Renewal of a High Performance Leader

High Performance Leader

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY High performance leaders are essential to every organization.  For a multitude of practical reasons, stress, depletion or even burn-out can take a toll on their abilities.  While cognitive coaching can help manage the activities, it doesn’t address some of the underlying emotional components at the heart of the matter.  These issues may be…

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Voice of the Customer

Customer stories

It is an honor to work with some awesome people.  People that want to make a difference in the lives of others and they want to do something special in their business.  Sometimes, however, the journey to grow your business can be hard and lonely; and it is easy to lose your way. Light BDG…

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A Home for Inclusive Leadership

Client: Greatheart Consulting, Reciprocal Mentoring Lab (RML) Time: Winter 2017-2018 Work: Branding, Logo design, Web design   Who is Greatheart / RML? Greatheart consulting is a diversity and inclusion consultant located in the greater Seattle area.  They specialize in helping businesses grow awareness, build systems, and implement programs to increase retention through diversity and inclusion…

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The Art of the Pivot

It was the 10-year anniversary of ABC, Inc  and Tally was frustrated. She was a prisoner in her own company.  ABC was not performing to her expectations and it was draining the life out of her. Whatever fix she tried felt like throwing money into a black hole.  Nothing was working. Many companies are stuck…

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The Four Signs of Life

I spent 10+ years in B2B sales.  After a while, I could walk into an office and know instantly whether the company was busy or if it was struggling.  That is to say, whether it was dead or alive.  It wasn’t that there was noise, or that there were people lined up, there was an…

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Killing Success

Everything was going great, they had achieved success.  Then, all of a sudden, the wheels fell off.  Some key people left, sales growth went flat, and the CEO was scratching his head. Have you ever heard that story before? This was a group of talented, smart people. They thought their success would keep on going,…

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Form and Function

Client: Locker 44 Time: Late summer 2017 Work: User Experience design   Who is Locker 44? We were approached by one of our development partners to create the front-end design for one of their clients: Locker 44.  The project was building a sports team management app that would help parents, coaches, players and leagues better…

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Make Something Beautiful

Client: Poeta Digital Time: Spring 2017 Work: Branding, Logo design, Brand story, Web design   Who is Poeta Digital? Poeta is a digital development agency in located in Seattle, WA.  They specialize in developing digital products, user interfaces, apps and anything else that runs on code.  Poeta was looking to update their brand and grow…

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