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Light is more than just our name, it is the central philosphy in our approach to serving small businesses and their leaders. Among so many things, light provides us with vision, it illuminates places that may be dark, it can serve as a navigational aid, and is a critical component in the process of growth.

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Every business begins with a vision, and every company’s vision is unique. As we set out to turn that vision into a business, and turn that business into a success, we encounter many kinds of challenges and obstacles. What opportunities are the best ones for us to take advantage of? Where is our next big chance to grow? Where is our market going, and are we keeping up? How do we better reach our market? Give our emplyees a motivating cause? How do we continue to grow revenue?

Even companies who specialize in answering these questions often find it difficult to maintain vision beyond whats immediately in front of them. One of our key objectives at Light is to help you maintain long-range vision, and in the process stay true to the founding vision of your company.

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Every person, every company, no matter how successful, has blind-spots. Often these are areas of opportunity that aren’t being taken advantage of, or channels that have over-stayed their welcome.

Our second core objective is to help shine light onto both kinds of opportunity and find ways to unify internal resources to make your company the best it can be.

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Often times small business leaders know the direction they need to go - it’s the getting there that’s challenging. You’re looking for a path to increased revenue: do you hire or expand a sales team? Invest in digital marketing? Dig deep into business development? Expand your offerings? Rethink your branding? All of them could be great approaches to get you there, but which ones are the right path for your business? And how do you measure success to know what you’re doing is working?

We built our cross-function team of subjectmatter experts specifically to help small business leaders navigate these questions and channels. We can provide you with an actionable, “full-spectrum” assessment that can guide your small business down the path to increased revenue.

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Healthy growth is more than just increasing sales or revenue, it’s considering the needs of the business as a whole. Sales, marketing, brand, leadership, company culture - all need to be nurtured as your company grows, and what you see in return for that care is increased revenue.

This kind of growth almost never comes through short-term solutions. That’s why our platform for growth at Light is one of partnership. We want your company to succeed, and we want your leaders to be able to focus on the aspects of the business they love. That maintained passion for the vision of the company is ultimately what fuels healthy growth across your business. We believe that requires more than just a plan, but a relationship with a partner who is dedicated to helping your achieve that plan.

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We’re not just telling the story of our business because we like to talk about ourselves - our hope is that we can use our story and our philosophy to better help you tell your story! Our name, our logo, our brand are built on our own values, mission and vision: to partner with small businesses and their leaders to help them achieve their own vision for success. Having a consistent and aligned story and being able to tell it well is the last core objective of our approach to partnering with small businesses.

We can’t wait to hear your story, and help you and your business along the path to success. Please reach out with any inquiries about our process, or how you can get started with Light!