AppZocial: Executive Summary

Light Business Development Group (Light BDG) was brought on by AppZocial in February of 2017 to boost sales. We were able to bring sales, marketing and professional development together to find a personalized solution for AppZocial that drove sales and fostered internal development. Our bandwidth expertise and cross-functional team not only increased month-to-month sales 300%, but increased total revenue 351% and visibility 183%.


AppZocial is a Seattle-based startup that provides secure social networking applications for private communities, allowing their customers to fully control their digital platform. After receiving funding from some of Seattle’s most respected leaders, AppZocial was primed for expansion.


Despite their initial momentum, AppZocial wasn’t seeing the growth it had expected. After a year with a full-time sales staff, the majority of their business came through friends and word-of-mouth referrals with no clear structure for future growth.

How We Helped

We pulled from our multi-industry experience to identify several missed opportunities for internal structuring, sales development and marketing strategy. Working with the AppZocial team, we helped create a sales strategy, build out processes, formalize internal structure and identify appropriate KPIs; creating an actionable plan to smooth out internal operations, identify bottlenecks and pave the way for growth.

We recruited and trained sales staff to realign AppZocial’s message away from technological specifications; instead focusing on the customer’s experience and demonstrating how their product would build and foster community. By monitoring results, we were able to provide additional guidance and coaching, empowering the AppZocial team and creating momentum for future growth.

In addition to business and sales development, we concurrently developed a digital marketing campaign based on A/B testing in a variety of verticals; identifying how to best reach the AppZocial customer. Utilizing the results of these tests, we were able to redesigned the AppZocial website, creating a usable platform that predicted and spoke to the needs of their customer.


Since Light was brought on by AppZocial in February, AppZocial has seen a 183% increase in visibility. We created cadence and a systematic structure for success driving up month-to-month sales 300% and increasing revenue 351%. AppZocial has now grown their sales team and hired operational support to continue to scale their process and support the needs of their growing business.