How Does Core Emotional Strength Make Better Leaders?

leadership qualities, core emotional strength

Your leadership ability is limited or expanded by how much authority and strength you control over yourself.

We have all experienced an impulsive reaction to someone or something.  Those moments typically have regrets involved and often require an action to be taken to correct the problem we created. Working from core emotional strength reduces the frequency or at least the length of time we continue down the misaligned path we may have started out of habit.

What is Core Emotional Strength?

Core emotional strength is the ability to stay in the present moment. You are aware of the information from the mind and brain.  This, while bringing awareness to whom and what is actually in front of us in that moment. When you function with emotional core strength, you make your decisions from a position of personal authority over YOU first. In other words, by staying present in a situation aware of your body reactions, your thoughts about the actual relationship in front of you, and how you will impact the NOW experience, you are accessing your highest level of thinking.

There are many stories illustrating how core emotional strength builds through brain reconsolidation.  Brain reconsolidation is NOT a new mindful understanding of how the brain works.  It is NOT a new idea or concept to implement. It is NOT what we do when we read books and listen to recordings to fill our minds with excellent strategies for leading better.

Brain reconsolidation occurs the moment a person’s thinking mind and body responds with a high level of awareness, while in relationship with a safe person.  Researcher, Bruce Ecker, explains that when this occurs, it actually nullifies the old neurological firing pattern and a new experiential shift in the brain emerges.  This changes the brain’s primal firing pattern and it no longer fires the same way. This makes room for a new level of awareness and growth from that point forward.

On a daily basis I work with leaders as they experience these break-through moments. Leaders who exert the strength of personal authority over themselves influence their relationships in a healthier way. This produces collective core strength within the organization.